It's almost the New Year! School starts at Crescent on Tuesday, September 3, 2013. I am lucky - I get to celebrate New Year's Day twice, January 1st, and this year, September 3rd, our first day of school. The library schedule is set, and students will start using the library during the second week of school.

The library will be used for instruction during 1st, 4th, and 5th periods, while I teach 6Math, online credit recovery, and Sociology classes. The remaining periods are scheduled for library classes, and open periods are available to other classes.

I am looking forward to working with the incoming kindergarten students; I love sharing books with them, and love to watch them check books out to take home for the very first time. One of the advantages to having a preschool on campus is that I meet my incoming students before they become kindergartners. It's always exciting to see those new/old kids! Of course, I enjoy working with all of the students, but there is something pretty special about the youngest learners.

It's going to be a great New Year!

Where has the school year gone?! It's nearly the end of October, which means the end of 1st quarter is nearly over. This has been a different kind of year, though - not like what I have experienced for some time.

The biggest change in the Crescent School Library is that is actually functioning as a library. I am only teaching one class, Psychology, instead of three classes, so the library is now available for five periods instead of two. There are teachers who are actually using the library as a library, which means research opportunities for middle school students, as well as seniors working on the computers on various projects for their new English teacher. The Noon Readers, 4th and 5th graders, are more focused, with their teachers adding accountability by requiring reading logs, so all of the Noon Readers are reading more. It seems a little strange to see the library being used - and it's wonderful!!

Library lessons taught so far this year have been library vocabulary, a scavenger hunt using QR Codes and iPads, using the online catalog, and digital safety.

One book order from Follett was received, with an additional 93 titles added to the collection. I am working on a book order which I would like to send off before the winter break. With increased time for library management tasks, more books have been cataloged, repaired, and weeded from the collection to make it as current and readable as possible.

So far, so good - it's been a good year so far!!

I've always loved historical fiction, and I found out about this challenge from a writer friend on a social network I've been active on. One of my favorite authors of all-time is Anne Perry, who specializes in mysteries set in London in Victorian times. I've read historical fiction for years, and started with Laura Ingalls Wilder. In fact, I am currently reading The Long Winter aloud to the Noon Readers. Participating in this type of challenge is a no-brainer as far as I'm concerned.
The book I'm starting with, which comes from a recommendation from a student, is Revolution, by Jennifer Donnelly. This is a novel set between modern Brooklyn and Paris from two centuries ago, and apparently the two main characters, Andi and Alexandrine never meet, but still connect. I'm excited to start this novel, and participate in the challenge.
It would be awesome if others would join me in this challenge! Please check out the Historical Fiction Challenge and join the fun!

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    I'm a teacher-librarian who has been teaching at Crescent School since 1977. I'm the district librarian, working with preschoolers to seniors. I teach 6th grade math, high school Sociology, and am the Aventa/Peak12 Administrator and Mentor for students taking online classes. I am also the Crescent Education Association president, and treasurer of the Joyce Community Education Foundation.


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